Deep Tissue Massage is based on anatomy of muscles. it helps with healing by breaking up scar tissue, releases tight muscles that greatly reduces pain caused by muscle trauma is effective for rehabilitate sports injuries. It also tackle chronic stress, such as tension headaches, locked shoulders and tight muscles resulting from wrong posture

Sports Massage involves comprehensive assessment of posture, movement patterns and sports specific techniques to optimise muscle performance. Therapy work with treatment massage are used to release restriction, tension, adhesion and knots to prime and energise muscles for sports

Clinical Treatment uses soft tissue therapy, muscle energy techniques, Neuromuscular Techniques, anatomy based stretches, and deep tissue release to help set the path to recovery for anyone experiencing muscle spasm , body pain and any forms of restricted movement

Sports Lymphatic Drainage targets lymphatic vessels, accelerate purging of metabolic waste, excess fluid and bacteria. Useful for injury prevention and is a remedial treatment to facilitate pre/post sports event recovery, pain reduction, clear lactic acid and body fluid congestions


Certification in ITEC Sports Massage
Certification in ITEC Hollistic Massage

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