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Certification in ITEC Sports Massage
Certification in ITEC Hollistic Massage

What Customers Said About Us

As we take pride in serving and helping people in needs,
we take the opportuntiy to gather the testimonial from some
pf our many patients.

" Quality of the session and friendliness is why I have decided
to let Wendy Lee take over myrecurrent shoulder problem. It
just felt right from the first visit. You are knowledgeable and
quick to establish the cause of my problem.

The whole experience has been great and so far I am very happy
with the treatment. Your other qualities include enthusiasm,
and professionalism."

Victor Ng

"I had an unforgettable injury at my workplace which left me
almost bedridden.My sisters took care of me during that period
of time. I could not lift my arms and close my fingers to grip
something. Walking  was a burden to me.

With medications I overcame some of my problems but I was
unable to go to work. I still had to depend on my sisters for my
daily needs.At that point of time, I came to know of Wendy. After
several sessions with her, I  was very confident that I  could go to
work again.Gradually I was able to put on clothes by myself. My
body is becoming flexible and I could carry or lift  some lightweight

Wendy knows exactly where the  affected area is. And if  she
suspects that there is some other internal problems, she will
advice us to consult a doctor or a physio.So to date I  am still
seeking her services.I count myself very lucky that I have met at
the right time."

Jaya Palsamy

Letter of Appreciation from Ivan Lau
Letter of Appreciation from Lim Choon Chew
Letter of Appreciation from Allison Singer

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